Pamper the mother to be with the following soothing combo:


1- Oversized Organic Collodial Oats 'n' Honey  Bath Bomb

1 "Calm" oil roller- Great to ease nausea, headaches, body tension

1 4oz soy candle - Cinna-bun in the oven (cinnamon scent)

1-  "Harmony" 16 oz Lavender & Honey Bath Salt Soak 

1- 4 oz "Nourish" Belly Butter- Stretch Mark Prevention Cream 

1 "Soothe" Tummy Tea (8 servings) and loose leaf tea strainer 

1- rose quartz crystal 


This Pregnant Goddess Box is filled with items specially made for the expecting mother and her comfort during this transformative time. Using ingredients like organic colloidal oatmeal to soothe and protect the skin, chamomile and blue cornflower to calm the skin, magnesium flakes to ease the aches and pains that come with growing a precious baby. Our Tummy Tea is carefully made, with pregnancy safe herbs like, lemon balm to help ease anxiety, ginger, dehydrated lemon and peppermint to ease nausea associated with morning sickness.  To finish the box off, we have made a nourishing belly butter to prevent stretchies, infused with arnica, calendula, and rosehips for a powerful healing effect on your delicate skin.  We added a rose quartz to this box, which is great for expecting moms as it promotes motherly instincts and bonding with new baby.

Expecting Goddess Gift Box

  • Please note items may contain common allergens such as milk, wheat, and more. Please test a patch on your skin for any reactions beforehand. We are not responsible for allergic reactions. Upon purchase user claims responsibility for all products and proper usage and The Conscious Goddess is exempt from liability.