**June Goddess Boxes will ship by 6/14/2021** 
Introducing our June Goddess Box! This month's goddess inspiration is the Sun Goddess Sól.Sól’s themes are the sun, blessings, cycles, healing, movement, and travel.
In Norse mythology, the Sun is female while the Moon is male. When the world was created from the body of the dead giant Ymir by the triad of Odin, Vili and Ve, the Sun, Moon and Stars were made from the gathered sparks that shot forth from Muspellsheim, the Land of Fire.
Her symbols are gold or yellow colored items. As the northern hemisphere approaches late spring, Sól’s inspiring light and warmth are welcomed. In this month's box you will see notes of sunflower and summer fruit scents along with colors associated with the sun like, Yellows, Oranges, and Golds.
This box embodies all of Summer Enjoy the following products we carefully created just for you:
1- 4oz "Aloe Abundance" SunSkinCare Soothing Cream
1- 4oz Summer Solistice Candle with pineapple fragrance oil, a dried lily flower, reusable sun charm, and citrine cystals
1- 8oz Mango & Pineapple full Body Sugar Scrub
1- 8 serving jar of Summer Solstice Tea w/ loose leaf tea diffuser
1- 0.5 oz Vitamin C facial skin serum
1- 2 oz mister of Papaya, Blood Orange Hydrosol
1- 4oz All natural & organic handmade Papaya & Mango soap w/ bamboo tray
1- 1oz hyaluronic sheet mask; 24karat gold infused facial mask kit
5 handcrafted Summer Litha incense cones
1- Body Lotion Roll on Tube (unscented with cocoa butter base)
1- Sunstone crystal
Highlighted Artists This Month:
Katie Miley- @knitter_crittersKnitter Critters- https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnitterCrittersShop
1 handknitted crystal pouch in bright sun inspired colors perfect to keep your Sunstone in!
Holistically Homemade by Talia- @holistically_homemade
1 Summer Solstice Bath Salt Soak with Sachet and citrine crystal
Additional Items Included:
Bamboo Soap Tray
Loose Leaf Tea Diffuser
Love & Blessings

June Goddess Box- Summer Solstice

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