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Introducing our July Goddess Box! 


Mazu- Siren of the Sea Goddess Box

Known by many names and titles, her name Mazu (Ma Tsu), means mother. She is a goddess of compassion, one who is willing to intercede on the behalf of those in distress. But she is also revered for her courage, her willingness to fight for her principles. Mazu was also blessed with extraordinary powers and was known to calm storms and rescue sailors who were in danger.

It is the miracles she performed for seafarers for which she is best known. She would present herself in red before captains and sailors when she knew that the weather was taking a terrible turn for the worst and prevent them from sailing to their deaths.

Mazu is often represented by symbols associated with the sky and sea, so we incorporated elements from the sea like our sea moss scrub and you will see colors of blue and green throughout the collection. We also included hints of willow, lotus, and peony because those are some of the flowers that represent her.


This collection includes the following: 


1- "Summer Loose Smudge"  8oz glass jar with scoop 

       An all herbal loose smudge with willow bark, peony, blue lotus, cornflower, palo santo. A refreshing energy cleansing blend. 


1- 2oz all organic Seamoss Tincture 

    An all natural immune system booster perfect to take on the daily 


1-8oz Whipped "Sea-Tox" Irish Sea Moss Salt Scrub 

   A gentle "detox" for the skin whipped scrub. This product is gentle enough to use on the daily. 


1- 4oz SeaMoss & Colloidal Silver Cleansing Natural Soap Bar  & Bamboo Tray

    Enriched with cleansing irish sea moss and clarifying colloidal silver this soap bar has the fresh scent of blue tansy & cypress essential oils 


1- 1oz Blue Tansy "Facial Potion" Toner 

The blue tansy flower, part of the chamomile family (and also known as Moroccan chamomile), the magnificent blue color and the soothing effects come from chamazulene, a compound that has antioxidant activity


1- 4oz soy wax Coconut scented Candle with mini seashells  & blue accent "wave" coloration 

 An all natural soy wax candle scented with phalate free coconut fragrance oil 


1- 1oz "Azul" Serum 

 An all natural skin calming serum with azulene


1- 16 oz Dead Sea Salt Soak

  An all organic dead sea salt soak combined with extra magnesium for the ultimate relaxation and remineralization of your skin. Lightly colored with blue spirulina, blue cornflowers, and blue hydrangeas. Utilize a bath sachet for easy cleanup. 


1- 2 oz "Siren Spritzer" Beachy Salt Hair Spray 

  Get those beachy waves with this lovely blend of distilled water, all natural sea salt, argan oil, and grapefruit essential oil


1- 1oz  "Sunburn Soothe" Spray

   An all natural spray for excessive exposure to the sun. Cool down with chamomile & cucumber hydrosol, aloe vera, arnica oil, collodial silve, and peppermint essential oil.


1 pack (8 servings) Pineapple Berry Organic Tea 

   A deliciously refreshing blend of green tea, dried mango, pineapple, safflower, elderberries, beetroot, & cornflower. Drink hot or cold. 



Additional Items Included:

Natural Loofah Sponge 

Turquoise Stone

Bath Sachet & Wooden Spoon 




Holistically Homemade by Talia-


Goddess of the Sea Face Mask 




Hand tie-dyed canvas beach bag tote

July Goddess Box- "Siren Of The Sea"

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  • 1- "Summer Loose Smudge"  - willowbark, blue lotus, white peony, dragons blood dipped white sage, blue cornflowers, palo santo

    1- 2oz all organic Seamoss Tincture - organic irish sea moss, florida limes, 80 proof vodka 

    1-8oz Whipped "Sea-Tox" Irish Sea Moss Salt Scrub -Sea moss, Dead Sea salt,Coconut oil,Grape seed oil,Vitamin e oil,Shea butter,Mango butter

    1- 1oz Blue Tansy "Facial Potion" Toner - organic blue tansy essential oil, organic witch hazel

    1- 4oz soy wax Coconut scented Candle with mini seashells  & blue accent "wave" coloration- soy wax,cotton wick, blue colorant, phalate free coconut fragrance

    1- 1oz "Azul" Serum-  Kukui Nut oil,Jojoba oil,Apricot kernel oil,Jasmine oil,Coconut oil,Squalane,Hyaluronic acid,Vitamin E oil,Emu oil,Blue tansy

    1- 16 oz Dead Sea Salt Soak- Dead sea salt, magnesium flakes, baking soda, epsom salt, pink himalayan salt, blue tansy essential oil, blue spirulina, blue cornflowers, blue hydrangea flowers

    1- 2 oz "Siren Spritzer" Beachy Salt Hair Spray  - distilled water, sea salt, argan oil,, grapefruit essential oil, sea glass for decor 

    1- 1oz  "Sunburn Soothe" Spray- chamomile & cucumber hydrosol, aloe vera oil, vitamin e oil, arnica oil, tea tree essential oil, peppermint essential oil, colloidal silver, aloe vera juice

    1 pack (8 servings) Pineapple Berry Organic Tea - green tea, peinapple, elderberries, mango, beetroot, safflowers, cornflowers

    1- 4oz SeaMoss & Colloidal Silver Cleansing Natural Soap Bar- olive oil, coconut oil, arnica oil, palm oil, cocoa butter, kokum butter, castor oil, colloidal silver, irish sea moss, sodium hydroxide, blue tansy essential oil, blue spirulina, green spirulina, cedarwood essential oil