Put on your HERBAL ARMOR!


Our all natural bug repellant spray is made with organic spiderwort, citronella and lemon balm infused witch hazel and aloe vera gel. We also added Tea tree Hydrosol and tea tree essential oil. We all know and love citronella for mosquito repellant so we added the herb and essential oil to this mixture and topped it with camphor essential oil.


With a clean refreshing scent, you can be glad to know you and your loved ones are FREE from those pesky bugs wihtout any toxic ingredients being absorbed into your skin.


Comes in a 2 oz glass reusable spray bottle 


Check out the bundle as well that also includes our Insect Sting Salve 

Herbal Armor- All Natural Bug Repellant

  • Spiderwort, citronella & lemon balm infused witch hazel,  aloe vera gel. tea tree Hydrosol, citronella herb, citronella essential oil, camphor essential oil,  tea tree essential oil.