A story of INTENTION

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Our story

We are Liane and Chantelle, the co-founders of The Conscious Goddess Box and childhood friends of over 30 years. After both experiencing a major loss, we found ourselves on an epic spiritual journey to health and wellness. We grew from loving Barbie and dolphins to our shared obsession of herbs and clean living. We even started creating organic, non-toxic alternatives of our favorite self-care items just for personal use. The Conscious Goddess started with a vision Liane had that she couldn’t piece together completely. Finally, it came to her, the missing piece of her vision was Chantelle. When Liane shared this vision, it came to life. Chantelle, being an artist, sent paintings she created years prior that perfectly aligned with this prophetic message that Liane had received. We were so full of excitement that we immediately said, “WE HAVE TO DO THIS!” So here we are, a dream manifested into reality, and we are so thrilled to share it with all of you!

Our logo

Chantelle wanted to create an image that portrays who and what our brand is about. The Conscious Goddess, a powerful woman who is connected to Mother Earth and her elements. 


The Conscious Goddess Box is a curated self-care subscription box designed to nourish the inner God/Goddess within us all. From responsibly sourced organic ingredients to highly effective finished products, we are dedicated to making quality items that are safe for us and the planet. This box is perfect for those on a journey to wellness both spiritually and physically.